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Areas of Support


Account reconciliation

We hate to break it to you, but account reconciliation is one of the most important processes in keeping the books. Why is this? Have you ever came home from a trip to the grocery store, went to make that delicious chicken quesadilla but discovered you forgot to buy the queso?! In the busy world of business, it’s very easy to miss something as little as a receipt, adjustment, or transfer. With our detailed account reconciliations, we will ensure all transactions, no matter how big or small, have been captured and balanced.

budgeting/expense monitoring

This is one of our favorite things to do. Budgeting is crucial for any organization. How can you expect to know if you are overspending or under-earning? We will help you create a realistic budget, upload to our accounting software, and ensure you are hitting every mark as planned. Think of us a financial accountability partner.

business set-up/support

For those who have ever even considered a business, this is for you.

First: I encourage you all to take the leap! It will be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Second: Let’s get started! We will help you file the necessary paperwork to legitimize your business, help you choose an accounting software, and create your chart of accounts.

Financial reporting

All of these figures and no way to interpret? Not anymore. At Open Books Financial, we take financial statements and reporting very seriously. After all, this is how you should be making important business decisions. With our financial reporting, you will gain access to A/R Aging, Cash Flow Statements, Balance Sheets, Income Statements, and everything in-between.


For years, payroll and all it encompasses has struck fear into the hearts of business owners everywhere. Not even. Outsource your payroll to the experts. We work with a number of payroll companies to ensure your withholding, filing and hiring needs are met.

Need a way to keep track of employee time? Did we mention we are T-Sheets Pro’s and can offer a discount on the software?! (shameless plug)

public speaking/financial workshops

Open Books Financial partners with Lemonade Day to teach local children about the process and rewards of entrepreneurship.  This begins with mini-lessons on business vocabulary, such as profitrevenue, and investor.  This year, we are hoping to increase community participation in the national-wide program known as Lemonade Day.

Book us to speak to your youth at after-school programs, leadership conferences, and community centers.  Your youth will learn how to construct a business plan, find profitable items and sell them!

accounts payable/RECEIVABLE

This is for the businesses with BILLS! Tired of falling behind on payments and wasting money on late-penalties? We have several tools available to ensure you are never paying unnecessary interest charges again. Ask us about it! For all businesses making money (hopefully everyone reading this), we can also invoice based on the terms you set and send statements to keep the cash rolling in!


If you were to be audited tomorrow, would you be ready? If the answer is no, you should seriously consider booking a consultation. We can teach you how to ensure you books are audit-proof by making sure you all have necessary receipts, bills, and source-documents vouch for everything presented in your businesses’ books. This is a high-requested service.

Financial coaching

A part of being a mission-driven business is helping adults to first understand that finances start at home.  Allow us to help you find resources and knowledge to help you maintain a financially responsible household.  While our niche is non-profit, we also offer consultations and resources that encompass making extra money, saving money, credit building, and more!  Contact us for more info!