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Open Books is a virtual accounting and business services practice.  We provide extensive support and attention to your books. Believe it or not, we get a kick out of the small, mundane tasks that many non-profits and entrepreneurs want nothing to do with. With continued education being top priority, we are always looking for ways to improve not only our practice, but to pass that knowledge down to our clients. You’re full of bright ideas to change our world. We compile the data you need to keep your organization financially sound.


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We at Open Books Financial know that finding the right bookkeeper for your business is choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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Our Team



Nisa Jones

Nisa Jones is an accounting professional who helps entrepreneurs and nonprofit directors start, setup, and maintain proper books. Before starting Open Books Financial, Nisa worked 8 years as a corporate accountant for various corporations. After a successful start at helping nonprofits maintain their books and the larger corporations build tools in order to measure key metrics, Nisa is now building a team of bookkeepers and working with several entrepreneurs to teach them the importance of financial literacy. She is also available for workshops focused on budgeting, financial reporting, supplemental income, and financial literacy for children and adults.



University of Louisville
B.S., Accountancy, 2014

Affiliations & Fun Facts

  • Notary Public at Large, Kentucky

  • Budgeting Nerd

  • World Traveler

  • Self-Proclaimed Dessert Connoisseur

    Fun Fact “I once DJ’d my high school’s Renaissance Fair. I already had a 14th century music playlist saved on my iPad so it was a perfect fit. Don’t ask.”


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Travis Cooley

Travis offers more than 10 years of experience in positions surrounding educational development and mentorship. Travis has served in these roles in multiple capacities, but best enjoys work where he serves his community. He has a passion for community service and ensures our business is compliant with our mission and community service standards as we on-board each client and plan each event.



University of Louisville
B.A., Communications, 2014

Affiliations & Fun Facts

  • Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

  • Organizational Strategy Guru (Seriously, this guy’s good!)

  • Notary Public at Large, Kentucky

  • Father to the Best Kid Under the Sun

    Fun Fact: “I am one of the best salsa dancers…to my knowledge..”